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Student Placement & Application Form

The Christian Children's Ranch and Ekklesia Academy is supported by Christian churches, individuals, and parents/guardians of placed Students.  A Student is not accepted or rejected on the basis of the parents/guardians ability to pay toward their child's care.  Parents/guardians are asked to contribute as they are able.

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1.  Fill out Placement Application PDF Form at bottom on this page (if your child has a school IEP, it MUST accompany the Application Form)

2. Once your application is received, allow approximately 2 weeks for us to review.  During this review process we will be assessing your child's needs and how our staffing levels will meet those needs.

3.  Next, a Ranch representative will be contacting you to let you know if we have accepted your child or not.

4.  If accepted, we will e-mail you the necessary documents to proceed (4 documents required).

         - Visitation Policy, Medical Consent, Medical Records Release, & Physical Examination.

5.  Once all documents are received by us, we will set up a time to meet.

6.  After that meeting, your child will be placed on a waiting list, and we will set up a time for him or her to join the ranch.

7.  Last step - is for your child to be moved onto our property, welcomed by our staff, and then to get settled in

Please Note:  No Child will be accepted at the Ranch until 100% of the paperwork in received a minimum of 48 hours prior to arrival.  Intake hours are between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  Late arrivals will be deferred until the next day.  This is to prevent middle of the night arrivals that make for extremely difficult adjustments for your children.

To apply for placement, please click on the link below and
PRINT the "Placement Application Form" and MAIL to:

                                                                                             Christian Children's Ranch

                                                                                                    2421 West Duck Alley Road

                                                                                                    Eagle, ID 83616 

*An electronic version will be made available soon.


Christian Children's Ranch, 2421 W. Duck Alley Rd., Eagle, ID 83616               208-888-5235